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ISOLE CHE PARLANO International Festival

20th September 2020

The International Festival Isole che Parlano does not stop and from 7 to 13 September 2020 will celebrate the 24th edition together with its public which will involve, in addition to Palau, which has always been the heart of the event, the municipalities of Arzachena, Luogosanto and Santa Teresa Gallura.

Workshops, exhibitions, meetings, concerts, shows and screenings: this year more than ever the cultural program, which has always been characterized by the original combination of contemporary, avant-garde and tradition, favoring a comparison between what circulates in the festival networks international and the most original expressions of Sardinia, will be combined with the enhancement of the precious material and intangible heritage of these lands and the Festival will touch some particularly suggestive and significant places for the history and culture of the territory. To see the complete program Edizione-2020/

FESTIVAL Time in JAZZ 2020 in Budoni

13th August 2020

The 33rd edition of Time in jazz, the festival created by the musician Paolo Fresu, does not stop despite the emergency situation created due to Covid-19. From 9 to 16 August 2020, the exhibition entitled “Soul” this year is proposed as a project that symbolizes opportunity and rebirth to communicate that culture cannot be stopped. Over 50 events including concerts, exhibitions, book presentations, editorial news, workshops for children, exhibitions and environmental awareness

Time in Jazz 2020 will be dedicated to Gianni Rodari and the recently deceased artist Ezio Bosso, protagonist of some of the most beautiful moments of the 2014 edition festival. Today the Festival took place in the splendid setting of the PINETA di Baia Sant’Anna in Budoni: an evocative and unique event.

SINISCOLE: unmissable goal

3rd August 2020

Siniscola is a town of twelve thousand inhabitants, the most populous of the Baronies, 50 kilometers from Olbia. It is characterized by a multifaceted scenery: limestone reliefs, gorges and overhangs, hills and plains, pastures and vineyards, lagoons and beaches, ideal places for trekking, horseback riding, caving, free climbing and surfing.

The emblem of Siniscola is “sa pompia“, a large citrus fruit, a cross between cedar and lemon, from which exquisite sweets with a unique flavor are obtained: pompia intrea and s’aranzata.

A surprising tourist resort that combines unspoiled nature with breathtaking coastal beauties, and combines archeology and culture.

Thirty years of  Tavolara Film Festival

10th July 2020

The Tavolara Film Festival from 13 to 19 July 2020 is preparing to celebrate the 30th edition with a “special” formula, which takes into account the health emergency but does not give up celebrating, in a spaced and contained form, the beauty of the island which houses the most beautiful cinema arena in the world.

The festival born in 1991 has always maintained the same prerogatives: a lot of Italian cinema and the desire to affirm that even an invaluable environmental asset like the island of Tavolara could be enjoyed with intelligent proposals that perfectly combined landscape protection and tourism .

Among this year’s guests Jasmine Trinca, best leading actress at the David di Donatello, Neri Marcorè, Geppi Cucciari and many others.

NODDULE: the summer solstice steeped in History

21st June 2020

June 20th and 21st are two perfect dates to discover the Nuragic Complex of Noddule through unforgettable guided tours. You will be told how the ancients saw the sky, with fear and respect, interpreting its signs and drawing their hopes, giving events and stars special names rooted in our traditions. On June 21, traditionally the longest day of the year, the astronomical summer begins, an event that – even for the ancients – was of great importance. After the great success of last year, also this year the arrival of the warm season will be greeted with a special day full of history, the skill of our ancestors, the popular and religious beliefs that permeated everyday life and that, still , resist.

BUDONI: the second most relaxing seaside resort in Italy

15th May 2020

The beach holiday continues to be a must for Italians, an indispensable habit. JFC, a tourist consultancy and territorial marketing body, annually investigates this habit through Panorama turismo – Mare Italia, the observatory on seaside destinations. From the contribution drawn up for the summer of 2019, Sardinia has excelled in multiple categories. Most famous bathing area, trendiest bathing area and best beaches. Budoni, in particular, has the second place as the most peaceful and relaxing Italian location. A second step of the podium, for a breath behind Sabaudia, in Lazio.

BUDELLI: the most shining jewel of Maddalena

18th April 2020

When we return to see these wonders they will seem even more beautiful. Even from afar Budelli shows itself in all its beauty with sensational colors, famous for its turquoise waters and for the Rosa beach, among the most beautiful in the Mediterranean.

Always privately owned, Budelli passed definitively to the national park in May 2016. Today, protected by landscape and environmental constraints, it can be admired as an authentic masterpiece of nature at a distance, accompanied by park guides, without anchoring, or doing the bathroom, much less stepping on the beach. Although remote, the island exudes all its charm. From its ‘top’ Monte Budello (87 meters) the view is breathtaking: granite cliffs and thick vegetation hide coves of fine sand and blue sea, including the Cavaliere beach to the north-east.

To reach Budelli it is necessary to turn to guided tours and to boat rental centers that start from the Costa Smeralda, La Maddalena, Palau and Santa Teresa Gallura.


9th March 2020

It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia, known as Little Tahiti for its crystal clear water and white sand that resembles the beaches of Polynesia. It is located on the North Eastern coast of Capo Coda Cavallo, in the protected marine area of ​​Tavolara. The bay is protected by dunes and pine forests, it can be reached on foot from Salina Bamba along a short path that passes through junipers, thistles and rushes. Even more beautiful in the spring when you can be alone to admire this breathtaking landscape.

SAN TEODORO: international BALLOON festival

7th February 2020

The hot-air balloon festival arrives in San Teodoro: great news is expected on the Sardinian skies for the 2020 summer season. The beauties of Sardinia will be admirable from another breathtaking perspective, from a new magnificent point of view: aboard colorful flying balloons . In fact, from 5 to 7 June 2020, La Cinta beach, the largest in the municipality of San Teodoro, will host this amazing festival dedicated to hot air balloons, which will fly over the Theodorine sky, fascinating tourists and not only, to admire the beauty of the landscape from above carried by the wind.


21th January 2020

A 8000 hectare Natural Park recognized by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve, which within 20 km embraces the mountain, lake, river – with a mouth protected worldwide by FAO – and the most beautiful sea in Italy according to Legambiente and Touring Club. It is located in the north-western part of Sardinia and here the most unspoiled and authentic part of the island is kept: springs, valleys and very fertile plains, mountains from which you can see half an island, crystal clear beaches and backdrops rich in treasures.

Today the park is entirely passable through numerous paths and guided paths; thanks to its mild winters it is the ideal destination for tourism in contact with nature even in the low season. You can admire breathtaking views for lovers of tranquility and silence.

DORGALI: the 70 km long cave

9th December 2019

The cave is located on the eastern coast of Sardinia, near Dorgali and is part of the system of coastal caves typical of the area, born thanks to the karst phenomenon that unites the underground caves. The cave measures exactly seventy-six kilometers, and is the longest underground route in Italy; joins Su Palu, Monte Logos, Molente and Bue Marino.

The discovery of this incredible cave in Sardinia occurred in 2016 when three speleosubs traveled the entire route along long and demanding aerial and diving sections.

After a walk of about 60 meters you arrive in front of a small and suggestive lake, very deep from where a submerged tunnel begins. This Sardinian primacy snatched the title from the Tacchi-Zelbio-Stoppani cave complex in the province of Como, which remains in second place with a length of 58 km. In third place is the Corchia cave in Tuscany.

GONI ARCHAEOLOGICAL PARK: the Sardinian Stonehenge

13th November 2019

A few kilometers from the town of Goni, along the provincial road to Cagliari and just half an hour by car from the capital, you can admire the park of Pranu Muttedu, one of the most suggestive archaeological sites in Sardinia. The park area has a total extension of about 200 thousand square meters; the excavations have brought to light numerous artefacts of different types and workmanship dating back to the recent Neolithic (3200 – 2800 BC).

The park is a perfect destination for a trip and a walk even in the winter months, a place that seems to have remained out of time, where great energy always flows.

AUTUNNO IN BARBAGIA – Autumn in Barbagia

14th October 2019

From 7 September to 15 December 2019 another exciting edition of Autumn in Barbagia returns: this year’s theme is “Follow your passion. Discover the tradition “. An entire season dedicated to the traditions of Barbagia, a land to be discovered. A journey to discover craftsmanship, historic villages and typical cuisine, an appointment that for 24 years has accompanied visitors to discover the heart of Sardinia.

The thirty-two countries of the circuit open the “cortes”, the courtyards of the typical Sardinian houses, and show history, culture, food and wine and the most authentic traditions of Sardinia.

The event is promoted and organized by the Nuoro Chamber of Commerce and the ASPEN Company.


4th October 2019

Unmissable high speed event! From 8 to 6 October 2019 the 8th Terra Sarda Rally will be held in Gallura.

The asphalt rally is organized by Porto Cervo Racing, a team that celebrates its first twenty years of activity. Nine special stages are scheduled for this long weekend full of adrenaline. The event benefits from the partnership of the Sardinia Region and the patronage of ACI Sport and, as a corporate body, the Automobile Club Sassari.

Terra Sarda is not only Rally, but also SAFETY and ENVIRONMENT. On these days the are moments concerning road safety, environmental sustainability, the possibility of making visits and excursions in the area. And, finally, the presence of the stuntmen to further entertain the public.

For further information visit the website


4th September 2019

Molara Natural Pools have white sand, turquoise sea and fascinating rocks. They are located in the southwestern part of the island of Molara, between Punta l’Aia and Cala Spagnola, and can be reached by boat in 20 minutes. We advise you to organize a stop in this paradise and dedicate a few hours of snorkeling in one of the most beautiful seas in Italy.

CALA LUNA: among the most beautiful places in the WORLD

18th July 2019

A corner of paradise: located in the Gulf of Orosei, halfway between the Municipalities of Dorgali and Baunei. Cala Luna has become part of the ranking drawn up by Skyscanner travel experts who have identified the 22 most beautiful places in the world.

An all-Italian excellence, a small jewel of Sardinia to be discovered as soon as possible. A beach of wonders which, not surprisingly, was chosen by Lina Wertmüller as the set of her film Travolti da un insolito destino nell’azzurro del mare d’agosto (Lina Wertmüller, Italy 1974). Because the blue of Cala Luna is truly something unique: tinged with blue and embraced by a tongue of white sand dotted with natural caves, which let it be sheltered from the sun as if by magic.

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